1995: Foundation of Perform Kommunikation.

1997: Expansion of the trade fair architecture division.

1998: First Prize Stand Design Davidoff TFWA Cannes.

2000: Foundation of an Internet subsidiary.

2002: International activity with Japan Tobacco Int.

2004: Expansion of know-how in the 3D area.

2007: Restructuring of the company.

2009: Own premises in Kandern.

2011: First successful implementation of Focus objects.

2012: Strategic networks / supplier pools.

2014: Expansion Marketing – Sinus-Marketing.

2015: Application of Sinus-Marketing to customers.

2016: Expansion of the Corporate Architecture business segment.


Success and measurability of all activities in marketing, communication and design are our most important intentions. Our activities should have an effect on our customers – if this is not the case, our work is called into question. Therefore, the deep and self-critical discussion, regardless of which business areas are assigned, is the first basis for all success building measures.

The constant comparison to the market, competitors, products and consumers creates the certainty not only to do something, but to do the right thing.

If our customers are successful, we also will be successful. We let ourselves be measured and we passionately like to measure ourselves, even in competition.


Pure design – concentration on the core. The question always arises how much is necessary and what is too much. All our concepts, whether in print, web, multimedia or in the third dimension, aim to get to the heart of the matter. This philosophy offers the advantage that sense and purpose arise and explain themselves.

Communication through design: This means making products speak for themselves. Since our foundation, we have pursued this approach consistently, meticulously and without exception.

“Good design is like flying to the moon. Few will ever be able to do it, but the awareness of this possibility has changed the lives of millions of people.” – Ettore Sottsass, architect and designer.